15 Skills and Qualities to Look in Android App Developers

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Mobile apps have been dominating our lives for quite a while now. They are an excellent way to expand your business and outreach your customers. You can stay connected to them and help them with the help of these apps. 

Building an app and uplifting our business to a new level. Apps are mainly built for two primary devices. One is Android and the other is IOS. Most people prefer Androids over iOS. 

There are many things to consider. And among those things, the most important one is to hire a good and skilled android app developer. 

When you are looking for an android app developer, there are a lot of questions that might impede your mind. These questions can be answered based on the size of the project. Going with an Android development company is wise if the project is big and complicated.

You need to have a deep understanding of programming and design to build android applications. Cell phones have more modest screens and less complex processors. In the case of Android – a wide range of producers imply that engineers need to keep code adaptable and represent different UI scenarios. 

Who are Android App Developers? 

There are a lot of career paths in this field. But android software development has seen an incredible rise in its popularity. Its rising demand is proven with millions of apps available today to perform various tasks.

Android app developers are software engineers responsible for creating, testing, and programming apps for computers. These developers work in a team. They think of ideas that the general public would demand. 

App developers have to have a certain set of skills. These skills set them apart from other developers.

What skills are needed to be an app developer?

App developers need to understand the coding language. They should be able to know how to use them. It is also essential for them to learn design. That’s why they also like to work with graphic artists, data scientists, and other software experts to create applications most of the time. 

The Android app development company researches consumer needs. They use this information to meet the public’s demand. The information is then passed on to the android app developers. The developer makes the app in patches and periodically releases it to the public. They make several versions, and then after the app is complete, it goes into production.

What type of skills and qualities does an Android Developer possess?

There are many freelance android app developers in the market. However, their quality varies because of their skill set. There are specific skills and qualities that an app developer should have. 

A quality check will help you know whether your app developer is worth it. Following are 15 skills and qualities that an app developer must have to uplift your business. This is the basic requirement for any job for app developers.

1- JAVA:

For an android app developer, knowing different programming languages is a must. And one of the main programming languages they should know is JAVA. It is a programming language that underpins all android development. There can be a learning curve in picking up Java programming language for the first time if most programming language experience is in JavaScript and Ruby.

Java is object-oriented. It is stricter about handling different information types. App developers need to be smarter with their code. They need to properly define the data for their mobile apps to work with. They also need to allocate the resources carefully. In a mobile environment, there is no place for ambiguity. Java ensures that no confusion is created in defining what each application component does. 

2- Understanding Of XML:

The developer’s android app needs to have a good understanding of XML. encoding data requires XML ,when it comes to an internet-based mobile application in a standard type of way. It is a structured markup language similar to HTML. 

Mastering XML is essential for android app developers because it will help them pass the information between devices in a way that can be easily understood. Android app developers use XML to create a layout. These layouts serve as the foundational UI definition for Android apps.


SDK is a fancy name for a set of pre-packaged codes. The Android SDKs are modules of Java code that give designers access to cell phone functions.

Suppose that you need to incorporate an online platform like Instagram with your application. You would download a code library (or SDK) from Instagram. One vital part of the Android SDK is a library called Gradle. It will then afterwards let Gradle know that you’re using it. So when your application gathers, your code remains efficient.

Your android app developer needs to be experienced and well versed in using Android SDK. Suppose the developer does not have enough experience. In that case, he will have to invest a lot of their energy in finding out how the different SDKs for Android can be pieced together in various ways to assemble an Android application.


Many android developers prefer to use the integrated development environment (IDE). One of their top choices for an integrated development environment (IDE ) is Android studio. 

Android Studio is based on the IntelliJ IDE. It is accompanied by excellent support for a considerable lot of the most widely recognized Android SDKs.

Android Studio includes large numbers of the abilities designers expect of a full-featured IDE. 

There are significantly developed devices like memory and CPU screens. These devices help designers in mobile app design and know that their code will maintain good execution on a cell phone. 


Your android app developer must know databases. If your app consists of a large amount of data, your app will not be able to store it. It would probably be connected to any database outside of the phone. Simple APIs like cloud services or parse provide simple APIs for storing data in the cloud.

Syncing data between local and remote databases is necessary if you want your clients to use your app when they are offline. These outside databases give app developers Java libraries to plug into their applications. This can allow you to save some information on the client’s gadget. 

You can also store data locally with androids’ built-in support for using SQL. It interacts with an SQLite database.

However, if the app developers need to decide what would work best for their application, they need to be well versed in understanding how databases work. 

These are some of the android developers must possess. Now let’s talk about some of the qualities of an android software developer. 

6- Calm yet Zealous:

An android app developer should have a calm attitude. It is because Android developments can be complex at times. In such times your developer needs to think with a clear head. They need to maintain their calm and try to achieve the goal. Web app development companies should hire someone who can handle the pressure that this work brings and they should also be passionate about their work. 

7- Confident and Bold:

Your android app developer should be confident and not doubt themselves in their work. They should know what they are doing. You have to hire someone who is very bold and confident when it comes to this type of work. Don’t hire someone who is not confident in their work. Their doubt can lead to severe issues. It would also decrease productivity. 

8- Listens and obeys: 

Listening is an essential requirement before you hire any developer. Your app developer should listen to what you tell them. They require a lot of discipline. They need to listen thoroughly and implement accordingly. Unnecessary bickering can lead to severe issues. If your app developer does not listen to you, they will fail to execute the task properly. That’s why they hire someone who is a hearer and a doer. 

9- Teamwork:

Teamwork is an essential aspect of succeeding in your app development. Your android app developer should be a team worker. If a developer is not good at dealing with people, they can create disharmony among their mates. This disharmony can seriously impact the project’s quality.

10- Follows Agile Frameworks:

Your app developer should also be able to follow agile frameworks. They need to know how to use Scrum, kanban, and lean. These are considered some of the most effective software development methods in most projects. The project’s chances of success increase when a company uses agile frameworks. This way, they can deliver their projects on time.

11- Versatility:

Your app developer should also be versatile. Dealing with android apps require a lot of experience. Every app is different from the others. They have different functionalities. When a developer knows more functionalities, it helps them achieve their business faster.

12- Adaptability:

It is also necessary for app developers to be highly adaptable. They need to be responsive to changes in requirements. App development is a complicated process. Even with multiple plans, there can be some technical mishaps. It is possible the app developer would need to make some changes in the application to solve it. In such times they do not panic but handle the issue.

13- Need to be Technically Sound:

The android apps industry is continuously changing. New trends are constantly emerging. In such an era, the developers should be technically sound. They need to be innovative. It would help them to revolutionize mobile apps. If they do not keep up with technological advancements like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and 5G, they harm the app’s success.

14- Vital Sense of the UX/UI:

The android app users demand highly engaging and responsive applications. Intuitive UX and UI are in demand. That’s why it is necessary to hire someone who can understand the user’s demands . Your app developer should be able to create something unique and functional. 

15- Critical Thinking:

Critical thinking is very important for app developers. Also, they should have a critical mindset to develop an app. It will allow them to maneuver different moves and tests possible with clarity. Hiring an app developer who has critical thinking reduces your chances of making mistakes in coding.


Android app development is not easy. There are a lot of things to consider. Hiring a good app developer is one of them. This guide will aid you into hiring someone that is deserving of this position. Experience and skill of the app developer also matters. Having someone passionate and ambitious on the team can make your app a success.

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