15 Best Mobile App Design Ideas For Beginner Designers

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Mobile App Design

Are you trying to create your first mobile app design? Congratulations, that’s a great idea.

Unfortunately, it is impossible without a proper design format and structure. To full this, it is necessary to get out of your comfort zone and pay attention to modern design methods.

So, your mobile app design must be according to the requirements of the users. It should be interesting, functional, and up to the mark. 

Now the question is, which factors will make it stand out from the other already existing applications? Its features, options, and usability. 

The mobile application design is an essential part. Your audience is expecting some amazing functions, better speed, and a user-friendly app. It is great for newbies to do some research and come up with the best solution for their new applications. This way, you will target a lot of features and provide the improvised version to the users.

No doubt, creating and designing for beginners can be difficult at times. But it becomes easy when you are clear about the next step. The majority of the time, designers make blunders just because they are confused or lack experience. So, look for options that are problem-solving.

Therefore, studying, experimenting, and then implementing is the best solution to create and design a more impressive application. 

Amazing Mobile App Design To Start Your Designing Career:

Thousands of methods are available for choosing the right mobile app design. It is important to go for those that are exciting enough for you and your audience. 

Let’s discuss more how to design an app to achieve the desired results:

1- Brainstorm the Ideas:

It’s a myth that your first idea will work perfectly. Remember, no one talks about failures only, but you can not deny them. 

So, there few things that are helpful to reach the modern app design level. If you have a team, it is more than enough to brainstorm and discuss all the important factors with them. It is better to make changes initially rather than make them complicated. 

At the end of the day, select the idea which is perfect for your first application

2- Understand What Your Audience Wants:

This should be your big concern. The competition is getting higher day by day. It is good to know about your audience and what exactly their expectations are.

You can do surveys o this through different platforms and communicate to the users. Ask what kind of issue they are facing in the current application so that your app will not continue making the same mistake. 

However, if you pay attention to the mobile application design carefully, things will be pretty much easier to target. You will know which features are highly demanding and which are not. 

3- Research the Market Trends:

It is one of the significant steps. Without analyzing the market trends and requirements, it is difficult to come up with a new application. 

Once you are sure that the existing application doesn’t have the same features, you can more confidently design the new app. Also, it will fulfill the demand of the audience. 

4- Choose Mobile App Design Platform:

There are two famous platforms. One is iOS, and the other one is android. For web app development, it is crucial to find out which will be more suitable. 

Both the platforms are different from each other. You have to dig deep and understand the guidelines before jumping to conclusions. 

5- Give Importance to Typography:

Typography relates to choosing the right fonts, colors, themes, and size of the application. All these factors are worth looking at when you are designing an app.

No one wants to create an app that is dull and boring. Users want something unique, functional, and fast. Therefore, try to make things impressive enough for staying ahead of the others applications.

6- Work on Speed:

The responsibility is to provide the best version to your users. Think about how to design an app that does not disappoint anyone. 

Keep the importance of fast speed in mind. An application that works slow gradually loses its users. It is a matter of concern because this is going to make your app famous or vice versa.

7- Implement UI/UX Approach:

What is an application without the UI/UX approach? 

The mobile app design must contain factors that fulfill user interface and user experience components. Otherwise, the new application will be lacking the right format and structure. Also, it is good to struggle in the beginning. Discuss all your concerns with the designers. Try to sort out the issues. 

So, the most recommended way is to plan everything and then finalize. 

8- Make it Responsive:

If an application is not responsive, it might not grab everyone’s attention.

For designing an app, it is good to make it functional. Also, you are doing free marketing by facilitating your audience in the best possible ways. Soon, a lot of users will b recommending this application to others.  

9- Offer improved Picture Quality:

A number of social media platforms are running o high-definition pictures. They are becoming an essential part. It is important to grab the user’s attention. And if you are designing a business application, then it is the most crucial thing to offer. 

In addition, a mobile application design has all the advanced features but lacks good picture quality. There will be some consequences of that. So, to overcome this, try to begin with the more reliable options. 

10- More Accessible:

There are many people out that who are visually impaired or have a hearing issue. Such users are searching for convenience. It is important to remember their needs when creating a new application.

Furthermore, the application must contain all those elements that are functioning. The more you are offering accessibility, the greater are the chances of making it more popular.

11- Design an Impressive Logo:

The logo is not only related to branding. It is important even when you’re designing an application also. This will make mobile app design unique. 

On the other hand, people will start recognizing your application. Just like famous businesses and companies are successful in making their presence prominent. By designing a logo, your application will have a separate identity. 

12- Provide Iconography:

Applications nowadays have more icons. It is to make the app design minimal. Also, including such features will give a modified look. Many users are happy and satisfied because of the less space used in this format.

Therefore, don’t hesitate to select such options which are improving the overall structure of your application. 

13- Ensure App Security:

Security is the most important factor. If you are not thinking about it, start it right now.

An application that fails to keep the data secure is not effective in any way. Confidential details are crucial for the users. This is why if your application is not fulfilling the requirements, then switch to more advanced ways. 

The mobile app development company in UK is educating even normal people to choose applications leading to more secure options. This is because users trust your service and app. It is your duty to offer such options that ensure information and data security, especially if it’s an ecommerce application. 

14- Go for Battery Saving Features:

All the features are important and especially the battery-saving one. The majority of the application is draining the phone battery more often. This is why users avoid such options and applications which not fulfilling this factor. Try to give them the option to adjust the brightness and mode so that the users have this flexibility. 

The modern app design should be according to the users’ requirements. It will be more considerable if the offered options are unique. By working on these things, you are doing a favor to the users and your new venture. 

15- Add Easy Sign-up Process:

Half of the users left using the applications because of the lengthy and complicated registration process. It is good for adding a convenient process to retain the users. 

Below mentioned are some of the methods you must think of while designing an application:

  • Suggest username
  • Save login passwords
  • Connect with social media accounts
  • Offer recovery options.

However, applications with clear instructions are helping people. If you are offering the easy sign-up procedure in your application, the chances are higher that no user will be leaving a negative comment. 

Keep It Clutter-Free:

A number of important factors are important to fulfill when designing a mobile application. Many people confuse the modern and latest features with overdoing it. There is nothing wrong to keep the app simple and elegant. However, new users are always searching for apps that are good enough in terms of design and functionality. So, provide them with the options which are great.

Therefore, the visual representation attracts more. An application is a great way to reduce users’ complications. Don’t forget less is more. So, keep your new application clutter-free, simple, and attention-grabbing. Above all, check and test the application before launching. 

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