10 Tricks to Get Discount in App Development Cost in 2021

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App Development Cost

App Development Cost is a major concern for the people in business and the entrepreneurs. When your business is growing, you need to look at app development costs. Developing an app requires a lot of money and time.

It is understood that the cost factor is not something to be taken lightly whenever you are creating an app. There’s always a budget that has to be kept in mind.

Developing new applications may seem easier on paper. There are so many other aspects to consider before jumping in.

However, there are certain things you can do to reduce the app development cost. Here are some tips compiled by best mobile app development company to help you to get the best out of your investment in an app.

App Development Cost Is Essential to Understand 

Whether you are a startup or an established business, you will have to decide about the app development cost.

It is essential to understand that the cost of any project depends upon a variety of factors, including:

  • Application functionality
  • Time
  • Budget
  • Market competition
  • Application type
  • Target platform

Another vital thing to consider is that the app development cost is not the fixed. Instead, it is relative and dynamic based on current market value. The other variable also depends on the types of applications an organization intends to build.

How to Get Discount On Mobile App Development Services?

1. Keep your application simple to get a discount.

Many factors affect the cost of development, and one crucial factor is the simplicity of your application.

When developing an application on a tight budget, make sure you keep the design simple and straightforward.

You can say that the more complex the design, the more time and money it will require. Therefore, keep it simple and relaxed, and get the discount with ease and comfort.

2. Find a cost-effective app solution provider to get a discount. 

The cost of the mobile app design and development depends on the mobile app design services you have hired for.

Therefore, keep in mind that you definitely want to consider a company that offers you a cost-effective plan and not go crazy while charging you for their services. Our suggestion is to opt for cross-platform app development.

In the market, you will find all types of service providers, from amateurs to professionals having more than a decade of experience in app development. The best option here will be to hire from the best cross-platform app development companies that cater cost-efficient services to businesses.

3. Assign milestones with the price schedule

To get a discount on the project’s cost, you can come into a contract with your developer over the milestone payment process. This feature allows you and your developer to set payments based on project progress.

This way, you can continually assess the project when it is still in the development stage, and you will not have to worry about its progress as you have paid the full payment in advance.  

You can calculate and set the amount according to the number of hours you get from the plus milestone you reach with a task.

Milestone is a ‘forward’ step in a long journey of your product development and conducting business.

It is essential to determine the most significant places of your project at this stage and keep an eye on its development.

4. Get a detailed project plan from the developers before finalizing payments.

Application development cost is essential to understand if you want to build a successful product.

But calculating the total cost of your new application is often a bit fuzzy. Your choice of programming platform can have some effect on the total cost.

Therefore, make sure that you get the detailed project plan from your developers and the time frame to complete the project.

This way, you will have an idea of what to expect from your developers. Likewise, you can also anticipate the final results.

5. Hire a diverse development team

Another trick to get a discount and reduce the app development cost is by hiring a diverse app development team.

This way, you will reduce the cost and have new ideas to enrich your application. Of course, it would be best if you don’t compromise with the people you hire for your project.

You always need to make sure that you are making every single penny count and, at the same time, provide your business application with optimum features.

In the competitive business environment, a company needs to be able to hire a diverse development team.         

For example, if you hire a developer to build your app, it is possible that your developer is not an expert in UI/UX design. Thus, you end up throwing more money to get the aesthetics for your application.

Therefore, always choose a team over the one-man show because the more the brains joined together to make an efficient product, the better experience.

We have a highly skilled and professional mobile apps team for corporate enterprises and startups at Website Valley.

Our developer team has diverse programming languages and developmental expertise, which helps them bring excellent products to market for our clients.

Get your apps developed at affordable cost at Website Valley

6. List down your requirements and develop an App Requirement Specification 

Another thing to consider is that the application development cost has been growing faster than the other sectors of the IT industry.

It happens mainly due to factors including the rising complexity of applications, increasing customer expectations, and cutting-edge technologies being used by developers.

Therefore, to get a discount, you need to have a solid plan to list down all the app requirements and specifications.

Once the project is on its way and you try to change your mind, it will cost you extra money and effort, which I am sure you wouldn’t want it.

7. Reduce the number of functionalities to get discount

Reducing the number of functionalities in the application is the best way to get a discount in mobile app development.

If you want to develop your application cost-effectively, then it could be possible through this trick.

You have the complete freedom to control the expenses of your app without leaving your dream application.

Once your application becomes a success and starts generating revenue, you can add additional features later.

Sometimes you find it very difficult to choose what functionalities you must include in your app, especially when you have a particular idea about how the application should work.

Thus, you can ensure that all the critical features remain in the application while the second feature can wait for some time. In short, review your app features and eliminate the unnecessary ones from your app development plan.

8. Make a request to get bonus options in your app development package

Most app development services will give you a discount if you ask for it. This can be highly effective if used correctly.

One of the easiest ways to get a discount is by asking the app store for a special promotion.

You can also be very descriptive when requesting a discount or upgrade during the discovery call. 

You do not need to nosy about it, but rather, use persuasive techniques and convince your seller to get a discount.

If you are a regular customer of some service provider, you can freely ask for an offer or a discount for your next app project.

All you have to do is to make a request, and our professional app developers will consider it when starting development on your next project.

For example, at Website Valley, our experts will be happy to help you obtain the best value and cost-effective options for your specific app.

9. Choose application templates rather than developing custom-made apps.

Mobile application development is evolving rapidly worldwide. However, if you want to get a competitive advantage on a budget, you can build a template-based application.

You can save you hours of work and thousands of dollars in development costs through such app development.

App developers can create customized mobile applications that cater to the specific needs of their clients. But they can also help you develop an essential website rather than a custom app.

10. Hire developers from your local agency instead of offshore ones 

One of the most significant benefits of hiring local developers instead of offshore is the speed at which updates can be delivered.

Hiring developers in your own country allows you to concentrate on putting together a fantastic product. Instead of dealing with the complexities of maintaining multiple services and servers, you can focus on your app.

Local developers also save you money on development costs as well as time spent coordinating support and maintenance between multiple developers.

Hence, it’s also a win-win for the business as development resources are often cheaper than those acquired through remote outsourcing, and you can reduce the app development cost.


In this post, I shared ten tricks to getting the most out of your app development costs.

By implementing these tactics, you will be able to make decisions that will significantly impact how much money and time you spend on app development.

If you are looking for affordable mobile and web app development packages and plans, then Website Valley is the place to be.

We always have some special promotions going on which allow access to deep discounts. Hop with us on a call or drop us a message to see the latest discount for your app development project.

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